The Sleeper In The Tomb - DnD 5e

Session 3

26th or march

Having survived a nightmarish … nightmare, in which our heroes were eventually destroyed by a creature of eldritch horror, and suffering more random disappearances and reappearances of fellow adventurers, the spooked party headed down into the sleep quarters of the Sleepers in the Tomb… between stealthy assassinations and straight up fights the group finished off much of the awakened Monks, freeing some from the “if the sleeper wakes up it’s a bad idea” camp. They also seem to have taken out the High Father of the brotherhood, and in doing so cleared the way for them to search the workrooms below.

Below stairs, the group discover a workroom given over to all sorts of crafts, with books detailing the same. They find a kitchen area with some sort of portal system that uses a combination of divine and arcane magic to bring in supplies to the sleepers, as well as their wash and bathroom.

stumped as to how this helps them escape their plight the group recruit brothers they have previously ‘freed’ and ask them about their life in service.

Inix, the Dragon born, stumbled upon the fact there is a breeze coming from the central statue in the washroom, and after a range of tests and trials, the group fill the 4 basins with water and heat it up (something the monks would usual not have the option to do) to the point it releases the central statue, freeing them to descend deeper.

Down below they find themselves in a corridor of stone carvings of a dwarf, dragon born, human and halfling, with an alter to those races 4 patron gods at the other end. After working out the representatives of each patron god must be dispatched in a particular order, the “seal of the young gods” as it describes itself, opens to reveal an absolute darkness beyond…



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