The Underdark War

The Drowadrin fought a civil war with the Eladrin, millennia ago, over ideological concepts not recorded in human history

The result was the semi-destruction of the Faewyld, which, while it regenerated, saw the departure of most of the lesser fae to The Realm.

But not the Drow, they went somewhere far darker. Into a realm of darkness and shadow and evil even Asmodeus would find uncomfortable.

It would be countless centuries before the Drow would declare war on the mortal Realm, driven to seek vengeance on their ancestors that now called themselves Elves.

The Drow, with the backing of a Pantheon of darker gods, slammed the Underdark plane of reality against the Realm and corrupted and occupied the middle continent of the Realm. Everything was compelled from the underdark onto to real world… demons, devils, drow, orks, undead, monsters of every shade.

The Realm united, even True-Elves shared ships with Sea-Dwarves to face the common enemy. The war lasted 50 years… By the end of it, Drow and Orks that had settled in The Realm had taken up arms against the forces that once birthed them.

The battle was won, the fifth continent was lost.

Ever since the Realm has been in a confused truce, many people still don’t like each other, but there is so much else they would rather do than fight.

Ever since, many have begun asking questions: What came before the Mortal Realm, what came before the Fae even, what put the gods onto their game… and can we understand how the gods are made?

The Underdark War

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