The Realm

The Realm is a flat world, floating in the Elemental Chaos, surrounded on all sides by ‘potential’ creation…

the Realm that is fresh water, clean air and solid ground is made up of four continents, each have a “central” edge and a “polar” edge.


They are named by the Common tongue as Nordenrelm, Soudenrelm, Wedenrelm, and Edenrelm – each, at its extreme polar edge, is close to the elemental chaos of unmade creation, and represents its element in weather, terrain, flora, fauna and cultures it births.

Their was originally a fifth, central continent… a green and pleasant land, but this was sundered by the Underdark War and destroyed to end it.

The Great Frozen North – Nordenrelm
Populated mainly only along it’s central edge, is made up almost entirely of tribes. Fishermen and survivors all. The only cities are the glacier halls of the Dwarves, (who couldn’t be tribal if they tried) instead they dug deep into the frigid earth!

The Abundant East – Edenrelm
Tropical beaches on it’s central edge, woodlands so dense and deep they are impassible at it’s polar edge. This is the main continent of the whole Realm. Home to a mirriad of major cities. The True-Elves from the fifth continent mostly settled on the inner eastern lands when the fifth continent was destroyed.

The Western Islands – Wedenrelm
Islands and Archipelagos make up the west are great sea-faring nations, home to vast rivers, and usually; monsoons! The peoples of these lands, even the Dwarves and Gnomes, have adapted to a sea-faring life. The only highlands in the area are to the north west, where a small series of cliffs host the outlaw crews of the piratical Sea-Dwarves.

The Burning South – Soudenrelm
The southern lands host desert-warm beaches on the inner edge and volcanic mountain almost as soon as you move toward the poles. This is the only place in The Realm you will find native Dragonborn (although many live in the south-east and south west).
Warm water pools form in the remnants of blown-out volcanoes, and their is a thin sea of near boiling water at it’s polar edge. Around the shores of the largest ancient volcanic lake, are the cities of the Teiflings, humans tainted by the Bloodsteel they mine there… it is said to be the blood of Asmodeus shed during some ancient war.
The area is rich in ores, minerals and gems.

The Realm

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