The Peoples

The Races of The Realm are myriad, some routed in the nature of their race, despite their environment, and some of changing nature because of their environment.

The following races are common all over The Realm:

Half-Elves (Homadrin as the Tue-Elves call them, anywhere humans border elves)
Dwarves (there are no half dwarves!)

Other races are more regional:

Teiflings (from the volcanic central mountain of the south)
Halflings (from the woods and jungles of the east)
Gnomes (from the lowlands of the south)
Dragonborn (far south)

Post Underdark War Races:
Reformed Orks (settled the lowlands of the south and the hot jungles of the south east)
Reformed Drow (settled the North, North West and North East)

When the Underdark War irrupted onto the Realm, beings from all over came together to fight the Drow and their amassed Goblin, Ork, and other such hordes. As a result, almost any race can be found almost any where these days, but some things still hold true: Elves are elementally aligned to their home, dragonborn are cold blooded, dwarves are dwarves where ever they are found!

Special Race Traits:

Human Their culture is dictated by their homeland, but this highly adaptable race are similar all over the Realm. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations defines the human race.

Elf Fundamentally changed by the nature of their homelands, elves come in many flavours. (talk to GM about this)

Half Elve as you’d expect have an elven nature, but are as myriad and diverse as Humans. Like humans, trying to profile them is an exercise in futility

Dwarves hardy of mind body soul, and head! Dwarves change their environment to suit them, and they are at home working tools, and working rock. The only exception are the Pirate Sea-Dwarf fleets who operate out of the north western cliff harbours. Unusual because they learn to swim and prefer stealth over honourable (heavily armed) combat

Orks The Orkoid races (which includes Goblins etc) came through 150 year ago when the Drow launched the Underdark war. The whole Underdark was forced upon The Realm, so many non-combatant Orks ended up displaced into the Realm. These groups tended to settle on the coastal edge. They prefer the warmer climes, and have far more in common with humans and dwarves than any race will admit!

Dragonborn The Evolutionary forefront of the ancient Draconic species, True Dragons became Drakes, became Dragonborn… Cold blooded, they like souther regions, and are very uncomfortable in the north. They vary based on their ancestral draconic line.
All said though, they are closer to mortal races than the giant reptilian terrors of old.

Teiflings Legend has it the tribes of the great lake in the southern volcanic regions were once human, but they delved deep into the unusual bloodsteel veins of the region and generation after generation began to manifest demonic taint… That said, the wealth and power they weild because of it is almost worth it…

Halflings Humans assume these are humans that evolved to be smaller and more dexterous, more in tune with nature in the far east… Halflings record no such history, although the description is non the less accurate. Being generally friendly and helpful, halflings can find a place in almost any human city, and usually do!

Gnomes humans assume gnomes are dwarves that evolved for the harsh high-mountain life of the south, which is interesting because dwarves assume they are humans that did the same… The truth is probably stranger, gnomes have a keener, more insanely curios mind than any race on the Realm, and some would say an Arcanic attunement coming close to elves.

The Peoples

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