The Beautiful War

Details of The Beautiful War, as mortal men call it, are sketchy at best.

They are known to the Sea, Ice, Wood and True Eleves, for sure… they may have been known to the Drowladrin… had any of them been spared execution at the end of the Underdark War a century and a half ago…

What legends the mortal races have heard read as follows:

centuries ago, before recorded history, the lesser Fair Ones, Fae, of the Faewyld broke down into civil war… What over, no one can recall. The Lesser Fae, know as the Eladrin, fought against their heretical sisters and brothers, that became known as the Drowadrin (or Drow to lazy mortal tongues).

The magical fallout of the civil war forced most of the non-combatants to flee to the mortal Realm, the Elven (Eladrin word for “refugee” – or “lost” ) sacrificed their immortality, for long peaceful lives amongst the mortals.

Where the Elven ended up defined their Arcanically attuned forms… The Ice/sea/fire and wood elves of the mortal Realm embody this, as do the dark Drow of the evil Underdark. The True Elves, are Eladrin that try relentlessly to use magic to hold their true Fae forms, they keep the culture pure, and refuse to integrate with mortal races.


The Beautiful War

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