Char-Gen rules


Fire-Elves… Sea-Dwarves… races are up for creation in this world – so talk to me about them!

General rules

Your characters should have a strong affinity with a god, even if it isn’t a positive one.
Divine powered heroes are more common, Arcane, Fell (warlock magic), Necromancy and this… Science… thing, are the advent of the last 150 years. After the foul forces of the UnderDark erupted on the once 5th central continent (starting a war that united the continents and destroyed the central lands), Academics that had chosen to learn to turn the enemies weapons against them, introduced magic and technology to the world.

Your characters will either be the heroes who were tricked into taking The Raven Queen’s quest in the one-shot adventure. If you are going to be playing a new hero, then they will be established heroes, or at least, well versed in their chosen adventurous life (you are level 3 after all). You should include details of the adventure you are on when we start the game – or if your character really can’t start the game on an existing adventure, details why and what they are doing… it’s also worth thinking if some of your characters are on an existing quest together when the game starts?

Your characters should have a secret known only to their god, weather they like that the god knows it or not!

The divine is the bread-and-butter of this world, all toons may start with a divine symbol for free, all get +1 to religion checks for free.

Desperate Prayer: if a character can role-play it suitably a toon may call upon their gods (even ones they hate) once per long rest. This lets them make a religion check, in place of any other check (stat or saving throw) to replace their own abilities with divine favour.

Bards and Paladins do not get their powers from themselves. Bard and Rouges may flavour their powers as Science and Tech… Bards can also be 100% divine in power, or 100% arcane in power… Paladins are always powered by a divinity, even if they think it’s all their own doing!

Warlocks have sold their souls to evil deities unless discussed with the GM

Char-Gen rules

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