The Sleeper In The Tomb - DnD 5e

Session 1

Having completed a noble reclamation of dwarven religious item devoted to Moradin, a misfit gang of adventurers of dubious moral character drove a band of brigands from an old Dwarven citadel.

Inside they find strange carvings and books pre-dating anything they could make sense of. They escaped with their artefacts through a reshaping maze of underground tunnels, and lgacy booby-traps of animated carpets and magic sword.

Upon their heroic return their humble Dwarf Nun turned out to be The Raven Queen, she took the religious items the heroes had recovered and banished them in a whirlwind of raven feathers.

Moments, and an eternity later, the disparate party found themselves in a pitch black chamber they lit torches to find themselves beneath two huge statues of Kord and Asmodeus clasping hands. They began to explore and soon found two strangers who seem to know each other from a previous quest they had just been on.

Once they had compared notes on the room and the gruesome self-sacrifices they seem to find around them they noticed the statues where encroaching with sinister intent.

The Drunken Monk was the first to passify one, with an offering of incense dedicated to his god of choice… eventual all where so-passified with proof that the newcomers were devotees of a deity.

Next the group would find themselves in a spiral down to lower levels. They were assisted in this adventure by the Wizard of the group setting off every trap on the way down (even going back later to set off the ones he missed)

The group wound up at the shore of an indoor water tower. The Wizard swam down, reported on a shut-fast grate at the bottom of the pool. He would dive a series of times, losing some of his belongings in the process only to have them reaper.

The Hedonist Monk would make the breakthrough trusting to divine beer to show him the way. Making a leap of faith that they would pass the barrier, no matter how firm it looked.

The others would follow suit and end up in a small strange vestry. The Wizard would take a little longer, exhausting all rational arguments before concluding blind-faith was the last logical approach.

The party of strangers find themselves in a small unlit room, cut off from how they came in, with no explanation beyond a carved pillar and a young woman’s new pet raven….



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